Arctic Fishery Alliance


AFA is dedicated to harvesting and processing high-quality product on its fixed-gear vessels. Depending on the fishery, fish are harvested using either gillnets or hook-and line-gear. Product is landed as frozen (turbot) or fresh (Atlantic halibut and cod).

Greenland Halibut (Turbot)

Turbot is usually processed as whole frozen product in headed and gutted (H&G) form. The fish is headed and gutted using a Japanese cut (J-cut) on the vessel and the gut cavity is thoroughly cleaned. Prior to packaging the H&G fish, heads and tails are sorted by size. The product is usually offloaded in Greenland where it is then shipped to Asian markets for sale.

Atlantic Halibut

Atlantic halibut are harvested using hook-and-line gear on the Grand Banks. The product is landed head-on, gutted in Nova Scotia where it is then shipped to the US market as fresh product.

Turbot and Halibut